Stories from November, 2017

“Recovery Project” provides hope and healing

November 22, 2017

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Two wheels is what 21-year-old Matt Sorisho relies on every day…for his legs.

But, he didn’t always rely on them. In 2013, Matt was involved in a hockey accident.

“It happened four years ago in October. I was playing hockey when I was 17 and I got hit,” said Sorisho.

That “hit” caused him to crash into the boards…and the outcome was life-changing.

“I hit the boards back first and I broke my back in two spots,” Sorisho stated.

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Continued Action Required to Protect the Rights of the Catastrophically Injured Under Michigan’s No Fault System

November 7, 2017

Thank you for your support on this issue.

Please write or call your State Representative to thank them for voting NO, or to discuss their YES vote. We suggest you personalize your message, but offer the outlines below. It is important to do this ASAP.

You can find your representative at;


Thank you for voting NO on HB 5013; I applaud you for being on the moral and ethical side of this issue, and resisting the pressures placed upon you and your fellow representatives.

Had HB5013 passed, many of your constituents may well have…Read More