Immediate Action Required to Protect the Rights of the Catastrophically Injured Under Michigan’s No Fault System

October 31, 2017

We’re at a very critical time in this effort to protect the catastrophically injured in Michigan.

Thursday, October 26, the House Insurance Committee reported out HB 5013(H-3) to the House Floor; It is uncertain as to the timeframe for floor action, but the Speaker has indicated it could be as early as this coming week with Thursday, November 2nd the target date.

Our action alert is to have as many constituents call up their own House member asking for a no vote on HB 5013, and instead join with your colleagues as a co-sponsor on the Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform package House Bills 5101-5111.


  1. The catastrophically injured being left with little or no resources post initial hospital treatment – likely ending up in Medicaid funded nursing homes.  This is the singular most important issue – the effect on the catastrophically injured.
  1. The proposed fee schedule will eliminate the ability of providers like The Recovery Project to PROPERLY AND EFFECTIVELY treat and rehabilitate the catastrophically injured.
  1. Drastic reduction or elimination of Home Health Care and Transportation services.  This along with cuts to therapy and rehabilitation services = loss of Quality of Life.

Conversely, House Bills 5101-5111 include medical cost-containment requirements, bans on unfair auto insurance rating practices and fraud prevention measures, while maintaining critical and compassionate care for the catastrophically injured. The Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform legislation is a deal that benefits all sides of the auto insurance debate. Insurers will see lower costs due to reduced medical expenses and fraud. Accident victims will still receive quality care. And, drivers will see lower rates.

Full analysis of both bills can be found at

Calling your individual House Member TODAY is the best way for you to fight for these rights.

You can find your representative at; and tell him or her:

“I am calling to urge you to vote NO on House Bill 5013 and instead join with your fellow colleagues in support of the recently announced Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform legislation. Unlike the Duggan-Leonard legislation (HB 5013), which will increase costs to Michigan’s Medicaid system by $10 million in the first year and by $150 million per year after 10 years, the Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform package will lower auto insurance costs while still maintaining the lifetime injury coverage that is so crucial to caring for catastrophic accident victims.

Please vote NO on HB 5013 and instead join with your colleagues as a co-sponsor on the Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform package House Bills 5101-5111.”

While calling is the preferable option, you can email the above message through:

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