Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

Research shows that exercise is neuroprotective. Regular exercise can slow down the progression of multiple sclerosis — improve balance, functional abilities, spasticity, fatigue, and overall quality of life. The Recovery Project utilizes a variety of research-based treatment approaches and programs designed specifically to combat the physical, psychological, and cognitive effects of multiple sclerosis.​

Our team of experts include physical, occupational, and speech therapists, as well as trainers who have the advanced certifications and specializations to best serve individuals with MS. Our goal is to provide a lifetime continuum of care through our medical and wellness programs in order to help individuals living with multiple sclerosis maintain their highest level of function and independence.

MS Therapy Services

Supported Treadmill Training with LiteGait

LiteGait utilizes a harness system to safely practice ambulation overground or on the treadmill without fall risks.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

FES can improve strength and walking ability, as well as decrease fatigue and risk of falling for individuals with MS.


This is an FDA-approved treatment for dysphagia utilizing neuromuscular electrical stimulation to reeducate the muscles required for swallowing food. This intervention can greatly benefit an MS patient’s ability to swallow foods and strengthen their vocal cords.


This wearable vest utilizes customized weight placement to enable patients with various conditions to regain balance and mobility. The weights are used to counterbalance the body and make one feel more stable.

BeWell Yoga

Yoga is beneficial in decreasing stress and improving flexibility, strength, and cognitive attention. Adaptive Yoga can be performed in a variety of positions as needed by the patient.
img thumbnail be well fitness

BeWell Fitness

Variety of strength, balance, flexibility, and breathing exercises to optimize your fitness and overall wellbeing

Once MS therapy is complete, TRP can offer wellness programs designed to maintain and reach your goals long after you're discharged.

Accessible Yoga Classes

Strength and Cardio Classes

Balance and Flexibility Classes