Morning & Evening Meditation With Polly

Guided Meditation Led by TRP’s Co-Founder Polly Swingle


Morning Meditation with Polly

Start your day off right with this 10 minute guided morning meditation.

Ocean Waves Meditation

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the ocean waves during this 10 minute guided meditation with Polly.

Evening Meditation with Polly

Slow down at the end of your day with this pre-recorded, 10 minute, guided meditation.

While meditation is often associated with ancient spiritual practices, modern science has shown that it can improve many aspects of well-being, including emotional, physical and mental health. So not only can TRP’s guided meditation restore calm and inner peace, but it provides a host of concrete health benefits as well.

Morning Sessions
Virtual sessions with Polly are held every Monday and Saturday at 9 a.m. and last 10 minutes. This is a pre-recorded class that will also be available in the community section of TRP’s app.
Evening Sessions

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 p.m.

The many benefits of meditation include:




A subscription to our Wellness Programs includes unlimited access to group classes, and costs just $50 per month. For the wellness program schedule

***ATTENTION: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently conducting our Wellness Programs virtually only. We hope to resume in-person classes when it is safe to do so, but patient safety is always our top priority. Thank you for your understanding.***