Direct Access for Physical Therapy:
Starting PT Without a Referral

Under Michigan law, The Recovery Project is able to provide direct access for physical therapy to patients without a referral from a physician. However, most insurance carriers continue to require a signed plan of care from a physician in order to bill your insurance. We advise that you call your insurance carrier and ask, “Does my plan cover direct access to physical therapy without a doctor’s prescription or referral?”


How do I start physical therapy with The Recovery Project without a doctor’s referral?

1. Inform - Let your doctor know you are seeking physical therapy treatment at TRP. We recommend that you always notify your doctor about any medical treatments you are seeking.

2. Schedule - Call (855) 877-1944 to schedule an initial evaluation and treatment at one of our three TRP locations. One of our physical therapists will complete a 1-hour evaluation to determine what care you will need and create an individualized plan for continued treatments as necessary.

3. Results - Your physical therapist will share the results of your evaluation and plan of care with your physician. Your physician will review the information, and if in agreement, will sign and return the plan of care to TRP. With direct access, you are allowed up to 21 days or 10 visits of physical therapy prior to requiring a referral or signed plan of care from your physician.

We will also complete monthly assessments throughout your treatment in order to keep your physician updated on your progress. If at any point, we believe that your symptoms or conditions require services beyond the scope of our physical therapy practice, we will refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional.


Most insurance companies require a signed plan of care, or referral, from a physician before paying for physical therapy services. If this is the case with your healthcare policy, and your doctor chooses not to sign the plan of care, you may be responsible for the costs of your treatment. If this is the case, we will be able to help you make convenient payment arrangements for your treatment.

* Direct access for physical therapy services is available at our outpatient clinics only and not applicable to our Residential and Community Based Rehabilitation program.

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