Success Stories


As an 80-year-old individual with Parkinson’s disease, Bob R. initially started at The Recovery Project three years ago after his doctor prescribed him physical therapy. While Bob still maintained good mobility, walking was one area he wanted to improve as he had a history of knee and back pain and used a cane.
With the goal of reducing rigidity and generally enhancing his movement abilities where possible, Bob’s therapists at The Recovery Project designed a personalized program that included exercises like cardiovascular intervals, Litegait training for endurance, boxing and targeted balance exercises for Parkinson’s Disease to help Bob improve his walking endurance and balance. Moderate intensity exercise is an evidence-based intervention that has shown to slow the progressive nature of Parkinson’s Disease.
In between sessions of therapy, Bob works with The Recovery Project’s Supportive Fitness Program to continue his treatment. This supervised access to The Recovery Project’s facilities allows Bob to exercise four to five days a week, which is something he would not be able to do at a regular gym. When Bob can’t exercise at the facility, he notices an increase in stiffness and rigidity.
Bob will soon finish his prescribed therapy and his therapist has recommended he begin Rock Steady Boxing, The Recovery Project’s wellness program that leverages adapted boxing drills to help individuals with Parkinson’s disease.
With the specialized care of The Recovery Project, Bob has been able to maintain his desired lifestyle, allowing him to walk, travel up north and to Florida and spend time with family.