Success Stories


The onset of Transverse Myelitis, a severe neurological disorder where inflammation of both sides of the spinal cord occurs, can be sudden. For Karen E. it happened during a trip to Michigan to visit family, and the disease quickly took away her ability to walk.
Karen completed standard physical therapy in Michigan until she was able to return to her hometown of Forest City, North Carolina, where she continued to do the same basic therapy. Growing frustrated with a lack of progress, Karen returned to Michigan in 2016 and was referred to The Recovery Project by a well-known local physician.
She quickly found out that the therapists you work with make a big difference in results achieved.
“(The Recovery Project’s) therapists were unlike any I’ve encountered before. They are open, honest and listen to what you have to say,” Karen said. “They gave me courage and the ability to work toward improvement, providing hope that this will help, and it did!”
At The Recovery Project, Karen engaged in a personalized, high intensity therapy program twice a week for two hours a day.
“The education that was incorporated, going over each muscle, what it was called and why they were going to strengthen it, truly kept it eye level for me to understand what was going on throughout the process. It really speaks to the level of service they provide at this facility.”
Prior to coming to The Recovery Project, Karen was unable to move her left leg forward. Thanks to the treatment received at The Recovery Project at the hands of the clinic’s caring, highly involved therapists, she is now able to walk on her own.
“I’ve completed physical therapy sessions at other locations both in Michigan and North Carolina, and none have matched the level of quality, high-intensity therapy this staff performs,” Karen said. “My progress has been incredible. At the beginning I was unable to move my legs—especially my left leg—due to the quick progression of the Transverse Myelitis. Now I’m able to move my leg forward and bring it up on my own, allowing me to take steps and giving me the ability to get out of my wheelchair. I attribute this to the work I did with the therapists at The Recovery Project and the courage they gave me to try again each day. I’m confident I am 100 percent better than if I would have stayed home and done regular therapy in North Carolina.
“My travel to Michigan to work with The Recovery Project was worth every mile.”