Success Stories


After receiving her Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in July 2014, Mary C. immediately took action and was engaged in physical and occupational therapy programs with The Recovery Project by September.
Since then, Mary has maintained annual physical and occupational therapy regimens, with The Recovery Project working closely with her to determine what her goals are each session and provide new exercises to help her reach those goals. During her most recent round of therapy treatment, Mary complained of rigidity and stiffness, so her therapists focused more on exercises to improve posture and flexibility. She also wanted to improve cognition, so her therapists worked in dual-task training to improve cognitive functionality. Mary also does cardio interval training to improve strength and blood flow to the brain, which improves cognition.
Between therapy sessions, Mary has also been very active in The Recovery Project’s ongoing wellness programs for individuals with Parkinson’s disease—including PWR! classes, which offer exercises specifically meant to combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. She has also been involved in personal training through The Recovery Project at the conclusion of her physical therapy programs.
With her proactive, motivated mindset and the help of The Recovery Project’s innovative, evidence-based therapies, Mary has noticed remarkable improvements in her day-to-day well-being.