Success Stories


Mike K.’s life changed drastically in 2015 when he fell 25 feet through his barn roof, suffering a thoracic level spinal cord injury and multiple pelvic fractures when he landed on the concrete floor below. After the accident, Mike attended physical therapy at another facility. At the completion of the program, therapists said he had reached his full potential of recovery.
Determined to persevere and continue his recovery, Mike came to The Recovery Project with the goals of walking safely and keeping up with his young children, driving again, and ultimately going back to work.
After an initial baseline assessment, The Recovery Project created a personalized plan for Mike to help him reach those goals. He attends therapy sessions three days a week, practicing gait training with the use of functional electrical stimulation and the RT600 stepper.
Before coming to The Recovery Project, Mike was able to walk 90 feet in four minutes with the assistance of a walker. Now, after one year of work with The Recovery Project, Mike has tripled his results. He can walk 280 feet with his walker in six minutes, and is also able to walk with the assistance of Lofstrand crutches. He can also drive again, making it easier for him to get around independently.
Mike’s recovery can be credited to his personal drive for improvement and the advanced technology available at The Recovery Project. When other facilities said there was nothing they could do, The Recovery Project saw an opportunity to change a life.
With the encouragement of his personal trainers, Mike continues to meet improvement goals. Now, he hopes to achieve a status where he can perform daily tasks without requiring a wheelchair. Soon he will transfer to The Recovery Project’s Lansing location, making it easier for him to receive therapy to continue his journey with the clinic and meet these goals.