Success Stories


Sandi N.came to The Recovery Project after a friend’s recommendation at a yoga class for Multiple Sclerosis patients. Diagnosed with the disease in the 1980s, Sandi began noticing her symptoms worsening, which was further complicated by a recent hip surgery. She had difficulty walking and suffered falls, and her symptoms deterred her from participating in her favorite hobbies, like cooking, gardening and traveling.
Determined to get back to participating in her hobbies and improving her walking and balance, Sandi began treatment with The Recovery Project. Part of that treatment was dedicated to working out Sandi’s hip to reduce rigidity and improve flexibility of the joint—which would help her walking. While Sandi had previously done physical therapy for her hip after surgery, doing therapy at a neuro rehab clinic like The Recovery Project allowed her to undergo therapy for her hip but within the context of her MS—effectively allowing her and her therapists to tackle both issues at the same time.
By the end of her prescribed therapy program, Sandi had gained the tools necessary to manage her disease independently. She now continues her efforts through The Recovery Project’s ongoing beWell wellness programs, which allow Sandi to continue exercising under the supervision of trained therapists through the clinic’s continuum of care. More importantly, it allows Sandi to continue to be part of a community she can lean on for understanding and friendship.
Partaking in The Recovery Project’s wellness programs also allows Sandi’s therapists to stay updated on her progress, allowing her to make a seamless transition into her next round of prescribed therapy.
With The Recovery Project’s help, Sandi has been able to resume her preferred lifestyle of cooking, gardening and exploring the state of Michigan. After coming to The Recovery Project, Sandi felt for the first time that someone understood what she was up against with MS and helped her work on it.