Success Stories


In November of 2018, Sarah J. suffered a life-changing stroke that left her with significant neurological injuries along with several physical disabilities. After her stroke, she needed speech-language pathology services, and occupational and physical therapy to regain her communication abilities and muscle function. Before beginning, she could not initiate a swallow and received all nutrition through tube feeding.
When Sarah arrived at The Recovery Project in April of 2019, she hoped to one day be able to eat orally again and return to her regular diet. Sarah was apprehensive for what her future would hold but knew that her therapists had her best interest in mind. With a strong support system in place, Sarah found motivation to work hard toward her goal.
Sarah began her recovery with VitalStim® Therapy, which works toward restoring swallowing function by applying external electrical stimulation to the front of her neck. By June of 2019, with the combination of electrical stimulation, paired with traditional swallowing treatment exercises, Sarah was cleared to eat soft foods and thickened liquids. This was a major step in the right direction.
Today, Sarah continues on the road to recovery. Her tremendous progress in such a short amount of time has impressed her therapists and doctors. This makes her medical team hopeful that she will be able to return back to a regular diet. During Sarah’s time at The Recovery Project, she has gained the confidence she needs to expedite her recovery and has made major strides toward her wellness goals.

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