Success Stories


Tom W., a spinal cord client, first started participating in high-intensity physical therapy at The Recovery Project two years ago after a hip replacement. After his surgery, Tom was seeking a rehab clinic closer to his Macomb County home, and decided to give The Recovery Project a try after receiving recommendations from another person with a spinal cord injury. The decision has been life changing.
“I tell everyone that The Recovery Project stands apart because of the one-on-one therapy and the compassionate staff,” said Tom. “The one-on-one therapy with a physical therapist is probably the best thing I’ve ever had out of any place I’ve gone. Anywhere else, the therapist spends 15 to 20 minutes with you during the visit, and that’s it. But not here.”
Tom is currently participating in three days of physical therapy, and recently began therapeutic massage. In addition, he plans to start therapeutic yoga as well. As a result of his ongoing high-intensity therapy with The Recovery Project, Tom has experienced significant improvement in his core strength and his balance.
“The staff has a lot of passion and compassion for clients in comparison to anywhere else I’ve gone,” he continued. “They are always suggesting new treatment strategies, and they aren’t just going through the motions. You can tell they really want to make things better for you.”