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Two wheels is what 21-year-old Matt Sorisho relies on every day…for his legs.

But, he didn’t always rely on them. In 2013, Matt was involved in a hockey accident.

“It happened four years ago in October. I was playing hockey when I was 17 and I got hit,” said Sorisho.

That “hit” caused him to crash into the boards…and the outcome was life-changing.

“I hit the boards back first and I broke my back in two spots,” Sorisho stated.

The impact left a permanent spinal cord injury leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

Sorisho says his journey ever since then hasn’t been easy.

“To be honest, I don’t even remember it for the first two weeks of what happened. I just remember being in a real state of shock,” said Sorisho.

While Matt’s diagnosis was devastating, he chose to rise above his paralysis to get stronger and “The Recovery Project” has been helping him to do that.

“We offer specialized rehabilitation for individuals who have undergone a neurological trauma or have been diagnosed with a neurological disease,” said Megan Reid; Physical Therapist/Clinic Supervisor for the Recovery Project in Lansing.

Reid is just one of the physical therapists’ who work one-on-one with Matt.

“We’ve seen not only progress in his strength in his lower limbs below the level that he’s paralyzed in, but he’s able to do more functionally for himself on a day to day basis because we’re taking care of Matt’s entire body,” Reid stated.

“You just have to take it day by day, month by month and just recover,” Sorisho added.

While it’s challenging at times, Matt continues to take major strides towards living a stronger, healthier and normal life.

“It really does start at the Recovery Project. It doesn’t matter if you were injured 10 years ago or 10 days ago…there’s a place for you here and there’s hope for you here,” said Reid.

Matt says “The Recovery Project” gives him that extra boost of confidence that he needs.

“It’s helped me physically and mentally just be a better person,” said Sorisho.

Creating hope…one exercise at a time.

“The Recovery Project” also offers several wellness programs in addition to physical therapy.