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The Recovery Project, a leading provider of progressive, effective neuro rehab therapies that improve the lives and functionality of patients with spinal cord and other neurological injuries, has expanded its LIFE treatment program for those with Functional Movement Disorders to its Livonia clinic. Polly Swingle, co-founder of The Recovery Project and lead physical therapist, made the announcement.

LIFE (Learning Independent Function Everyday) was first launched at The Recovery Project’s Lansing clinic in November 2018—making The Recovery Project just the sixth organization in the U.S. to offer this treatment option. The program lasts for five consecutive days and gives individuals suffering from Functional Movement Disorders tools and strategies to reduce or eliminate their symptoms. Participants in the LIFE program are treated at The Recovery Project by a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians from several specialty areas, including Neurology, Psychiatry/Neuropsychology, Physical/Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Mindful Breath and Meditation.

“The knowledge gap around Functional Movement Disorders is still quite large, so we’re working to educate both medical professionals and those suffering from the disorder on signs, symptoms and how the LIFE program can help clients regain control of their bodies,” said Swingle. “The early interest and success of the program in Lansing created a need to expand the program to our Livonia clinic and give individuals in the metro Detroit area—and beyond—suffering from Functional Movement Disorders an opportunity to get help, overcome the disorder and live their best lives.”

Functional Movement Disorders are categorized as unusual movements, spasms or body positions that an individual is unable to control, such as tremors, jerks, twitches, gait problems and/or speech difficulties. These symptoms stem from the way signals are sent through an individual’s brain, as opposed to disease or damage to the nervous system that causes other movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease. LIFE effectively works to rewire how parts of the patient’s nervous system functions to reduce or eliminate symptoms over the course of the program. It’s estimated that 26 percent of individuals who receive treatment from a Neurologist suffer from a Functional Movement Disorder.

For more information on LIFE and how to participate in the program, visit or call the Livonia clinic directly at 855.877.1944.