Success Stories


William “Bill” Grover came to The Recovery Project after suffering a stroke that affected the right side of his body and left him unable to lift his right arm. This had a debilitating impact on his ability to perform tasks like gripping or picking up objects, cutting food, tying his shoes or zipping/buttoning clothing. Through therapy at The Recovery Project, Bill sought to regain functionality of his right arm so he could perform these tasks independently again and also return to work.

When he first came to TRP, Bill conducted a series of baseline testing to assess his condition. His grip strength was 24 pounds, his right shoulder flexion was 0-120 degrees, he was able to complete four blocks on Box and Blocks and he was not able to complete the 9-Hole Peg Test.

Bill’s therapists used a number of different exercises and treatments to help him achieve his goals. This included incorporating functional activities into his treatment, utilization of the RTI 300 cycle and Myopro device, and functional electrical stimulation activities for fine motor skill development. They also practiced skilled manual techniques with his shoulder.

In addition to his work at The Recovery Project, Bill’s therapists also educated him on exercises he could do at home in between sessions to optimize neuroplasticity and maintain motivation.
By the end of his therapy program, Bill had improved significantly in all four areas of baseline testing. His grip strength increased to 33 pounds, he reached 0-180 on his right shoulder flexion, he was able to complete 46 blocks on Box and Blocks and he completed the 9-Hole Peg Test in 39.51 seconds.
With the help of The Recovery Project, Bill far exceeded his initial goals. Today, he’s fully independent with all of his daily living skills—including driving—and is back at work. He has also returned to recreational activities he enjoyed before his stroke, including playing sports with his two sons and cycling.

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