Success Stories


Mike H. came to The Recovery Project after sustaining a life-altering quad cervical level spinal cord injury. After his injury, he moved in with his parents and began taking steps toward recovery. After receiving physical therapy at another facility, he was referred to TRP.
As a 24-year-old college student looking to continue his independent lifestyle, Mike’s goal with therapy was to learn how to walk and drive again. Complacency was simply not an option for him in any area of his life and he earned his degree from the University of Michigan during his time in therapy.

At The Recovery Project, Mike’s therapists focused on electrical stimulation therapies to strengthen and increase his functioning. Some of these therapies included the RT600 stepper, RT300 cycle, Xcite, Kapos and floor transfers.

At the beginning of his time at The Recovery Project, Mike was unable to walk and could sit on the edge of a mat for only a minimal amount of time. During his therapies, he relied heavily on assistance from his therapists.
One of Mike’s therapists, TJ Hosa was thrilled by Mike’s progress when he began to take steps on his own with the rewalk exoskeleton. “Most people have more strength when they are able to do that, but Mike did it out of sheer will,” said Hosa. He defied the odds based on his overall strength and function and continues to make significant progress toward improved mobility.
Today, Mike is self-discharged, living on his own and is focused on applying for jobs. Through his time at The Recovery Project, he has re-gained independence from a severe injury and hopes to continue to experience additional improvement. His plans may have been interrupted by this injury, but with Mike’s perseverance and will, the road ahead is full of promise.