Success Stories


Tracey S. often feels like Norm from Cheers when he’s at The Recovery Project.
“Everyone knows your name,” he says.
Since 2011, Tracey has attended twice-weekly sessions at The Recovery Project, focusing most of his efforts working the boxing mitts, or using the legs or arms cycles, to make sure his muscles stay loose and don’t get contracted.
Confined to a power chair, Tracey couldn’t put on his own shirt when he began his therapy at The Recovery Project. But his work with the facility’s industry-leading therapists helped make him stronger to the point that he can not only put on his own shirts, but has set a goal to propel himself in a manual wheelchair—one that seems more than achievable given his progress since beginning at The Recovery Center.
Tracey has experienced successes beyond physical improvements, too. His sessions at The Recovery Project enhanced his confidence and helped make him comfortable going places and trying new things. In fact, Tracey bowls once a week and plans to begin doing archery.
“I’ve been to many rehab centers,” Tracey says. “Not to short change any of them, but there’s a certain level of care that you receive at The Recovery Project that you won’t receive anywhere else.”