Success Stories


William H. began therapy at The Recovery Project after suffering an incomplete cervical spinal cord injury. William had been in homecare prior to coming to TRP.
Upon his arrival at The Recovery Project, William required a two-person dependent transfer and was unable to walk. His goals through therapy were to one day be able to transfer himself in and out of his car and his bed by himself.

William’s therapists used Redcord Suspension Training, Rifton and Platform Walker for him to regain his strength in key muscles. He has made significant improvement in his mobility. When he began therapy, he could barely sit on the edge of the chair; now, he’s able to stand. William can also walk 80 feet with the Rifton and has improved to a 22 out of 40 on the Developmental Activity Scale (DAS).

William is not quite ready to be discharged from therapy but continues re-gain strength every day. He is encouraged to complete suggested exercises at home that play an integral role in his recovery.
Having an injury so late in life can play a big factor in healing, but William has not let his age prevent him from moving forward. With the help of The Recovery Project, William continues to work toward his goals and requires less assistance each day. With his hard work and dedication to recovery, his goals will soon become reality!