The LOUD Crowd®

Group Speech Therapy Classes for Those Living with Parkinson’s Disease

The LOUD Crowd® is a group speech therapy class developed by the Parkinson Voice Project. Due to the progressive nature of PD, the class is designed to help those who have completed SPEAK OUT! (individual speech therapy) to continue to progress. The LOUD Crowd® consists of weekly group sessions that provide accountability, education, camaraderie, and support to individuals with speech and voice disorders caused by PD.

There are two LOUD Crowd® classes offered based on each client’s specific needs. Level 1 is for those who may need modifications, or a little more help to complete the voice/speech exercises. Level 2 is more involved, and is intended for those who can do the Level 1 exercises with minimal assistance.​

Level 1: Tuesdays at 9 a.m.
Level 2: Thursdays at 9 a.m.

Offered virtually every Thursday at 9am

Please note: Clients must complete SPEAK OUT! with a certified Speech-Language Pathologist prior to participating in the LOUD Crowd®.

Our wellness program membership includes unlimited access to live group classes as well as a video library of on-demand class. To learn more or start your FREE 1 week trial,