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Evidence To Excellence: News In Neuroplasticity and Rehab Episode 2

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Today’s show is Sponsored by “Restorative Therapies”. On this Episode of “Evidence to Excellence: News In Neuroplasticity and Rehab”, Host Polly Swingle, CEO, Physiatrist Gianna M. Rodriguez, MD.,  Physical Therapist TJ Hosa and Co-Owner of the Recovery Project Charlie Parkhill talk “Chronic Spinal Cord Injury”.

The Evidence to Excellence Podcast is all about the Evidence-Based Research and today is no different.  Powered by The Recovery Project, the largest non-hospital based Neurological Rehabilitation facility In Michigan seeing upward of 10,000 patients past and present. This episode speaks to the evidence and different approaches that have been effective for Chronic Spinal Cord Injury.

Charlie Parkhill, co-founder and co-owner of The Recovery Project was injured in an ocean wave accident while vacationing with his wife in 1998, suffering an incomplete SCI at C -4/5.  In 2015 Charlie’s team started a case study to monitor his recovery. During the study it has been reported that Charlie has regained good strength and stamina, says Dr. Rodriguez. The case study results show that Charlie’s gait speed, overall aerobic endurance, functional strength and balance have increased significantly.

This show is packed with statistical evidence that proves improvement of Chronic Spinal Cord Injury with innovative and progressive therapeutic Rehabilitation.



Polly joined the Recovery Project in 2003, after graduating from Ohio University in 1986 with a BS in Physical Therapy. Her accreditations and certifications include: Neuro development treatment – adult (NDT), Geriatric clinical specialist, Burdenko, Registered yoga instructor and certified exercise expert in the aging adult. Before coming to The Recovery Project, Polly was the Director of Outpatient Services at The Rehab Institute of Michigan and the Director of Rehab Services at Good Samaritan Medical Center. She was recognized as Crain’s Healthcare hero in 2016, MDA Clinician of the Year in 2015 and Clinical Instructor of the year in 2007. She loves to do yoga in her free time.


Gianna M. Rodriguez, MD

Dr. Rodriguez is Medical Director of the Wheelchair Seating Clinic and PM&R Administrator in the Michigan Bowel Control Clinic and the Wound Care Clinic. She has been actively involved in research with the Spinal Cord Injury Model System. She has written and collaborated on several research publications and written chapters on SCI sequelae in premier journals and textbooks in PM&R.  Dr. Rodriguez has been recognized for her teaching of trainees with the Silver Crutch award.


Physical Therapist at The Recovery Project since 2015 received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Ohio University, Athens, OH with a Bachelor in Exercise Science. TJ specializes in TBI/SCI, vestibular, and FES.

CHARLIE PARKHILL, The Recovery Project Co-Owner

Charlie Parkhill is the co-founder and co-CEO of The Recovery Project since 2003. Charlie was injured in an ocean wave accident while vacationing with his wife in 1998, suffering an incomplete SCI at C -4/5. Given the typical prognosis of “you will never walk” and “will probably be fed through a feeding tube” he decided to put everything aside and vowed to beat “this thing”.

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