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Evidence to Excellence: News In Neuroplasticity and Rehab Episode 1

Today’s show is Sponsored by “Mobility Research” the makers of “LiteGait” family products. On the first Episode of “Evidence to Excellence: News In Neuroplasticity and Rehab”, Host Polly Swingle, CEO and Co-owner of The Recovery Project talks with Drs. Amy York, Nora Fritz and Susan Trojanowski. Polly and the Doctors do a dive deep into the topic of Knowledge Translation.

Knowledge Translation, the process in which information that is Evidenced based is incorporated into a Clinical Practice. Published Literature on Evidence based research can take years to get to clinical practice. The APTA supports the transition of evidence to practice through a framework called Knowledge Translation (KT). The IKnow program partners with local clinics on KT projects that focus on implementation of best practice evidence, such as clinical practice guidelines, into regular clinical care. This can include implementation of a core set of outcome tools or specific treatment planning. The program values the collaboration between clinicians and university researchers as partners in this important research.”



CEO & Co-Owner

Polly joined the Recovery Project in 2003, after graduating from Ohio University in 1986 with a BS in Physical Therapy. Her accreditations and certifications include: Neuro development treatment – adult (NDT), Geriatric clinical specialist, Burdenko, Registered yoga instructor and certified exercise expert in the aging adult. Before coming to The Recovery Project, Polly was the Director of Outpatient Services at The Rehab Institute of Michigan and the Director of Rehab Services at Good Samaritan Medical Center. She was recognized as Crain’s Healthcare hero in 2016, MDA Clinician of the Year in 2015 and Clinical Instructor of the year in 2007. She loves to do yoga in her free time.


Dr. Amy Yorke is an Associate Professor in the College of Health Sciences, Physical Therapy Department at the University of Michigan-Flint. Dr. Yorke is the team lead for the Integrating Knowledge Translation (iKNOW) lab where she works on translating current neurological research evidence into clinical practice. Dr. Nora Fritz is an Assistant Professor in the Physical Therapy Program, Department of Health Care Sciences and Department of Neurology at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Dr. Fritz is the Director of the Neuroimaging and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory. Dr. Fritz’s research interests include examining the influence of cognition on mobility and exploring exercise interventions to improve function in individuals with neurologic conditions. She is particularly interested in linking clinically observable function to structural imaging and predicting the outcomes of exercise interventions using neuroimaging. Her laboratory is currently funded by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Dr. Suzanne Trojanowski is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Michigan Flint. Dr. Trojanowski is also a board-certified clinical specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy. Her clinical background is in both acute care and inpatient rehabilitation with expertise in stroke and acquired brain injury. Her research interest is in knowledge translation and hospital based physical therapy. She is a co-team leader in the Integrating Knowledge Translation (iKNOW) lab at U of M Flint.

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